Feeding our Pack

It is important to maintain a good kennel discipline, so when you're feeding the hounds, you're not going to have any arguments.

Diet When feeding hounds we must remember that their staple diet 'in the wild' would be warm flesh and the stomach of its prey, (which is herbivore) con grasses, (semi digested), seeds and leaves from plants and trees.


Harley and Kiza Feeding

Feeding all together

When taking into consideration the statement above, we try to replicate that to its best advantage. Some people will feed a complete food, others cans of food, or a mixer, (biscuit) and meat, traditionally fed tripe or flesh from the local abattoir, (slaughterhouse).

We at Merkuri mix a good quality biscuit, with flesh, which we collect from the abattoir, including breast of lamb, flank of beef, chicken wings, venison, rabbit and hare. Added to that are vegetables, greens spinach, sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. We normally cook or steam the veggies, the only veg that is given raw or cooked are carrots, (they love them raw). The flesh is given in a large piece so the hound has to work its teeth, tearing or ripping at the flesh, (this helps keep the teeth in good condition). They eat their food with relish.

On top of that they also get bones, normally thighbones, (shanks) to chew on, as they would do in the wild. If these are not available then rib or pelvic bones are used.

Note: When bones are given, these are given under strict supervision.
The bones that are not suitable for the hounds to chew on are boiled to make a marrowbone stock, which is given as a treat.

Harley and Kiza enjoying a Bone each


As you can see in this photo, they love a Good gnaw on the bones. This obviously Helps maintain healthy clean teeth.

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