Our Foundation Bitches

Our first Basenji is Chaanrose Tola Made for Merkuri 'Harley' who we brought from Rosie Lane, who is well-known in Dobermann's and Basenjis.

Harley the Showgirl

Harley has taught us a great deal about Basenjis, their little quirks and ways, and how to get the best out of this little bitch. Harley will always be 'one in a million' a real showgirl. At the Basenji Club of Great Britain Club Show as a Puppy Harley beat her breeders dog (already a Champion) and won Best in Show and Best puppy in show.

Like all good Basenjis Harley loves to lie basking in the sun. When Harley is not being the 'showgirl' she plays at 'Diana the Huntress'. She is the perfect hunter, taking rabbits with ease and giving a good course to hare in the late afternoon sun. On occasions she has also taken a pheasant in flight jumping up and catching it in mid air.

Harley with a Pheasant she caught

Being a good worker she has taught her kennel mate Kiza the same tricks.

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