Our Foundation Bitches

Our second Basenji is Champion Jethard Unholy Alliance with Chaanrose 'Kiza' (Kiz-ar), who we brought from Paul Singleton, who is also well-known in Basenjis

Kiza got her Arabic name by accident, originally the requested name that was applied for was not allowed, so a different name was sought, which Kiza has now. However her name would have been, if allowed (Walk This Way) which in Arabic is 'Kiza'

Unlike her kennel mate, Harley, Kiza was not as keen as Harley was for showing. But with gentle persuasion and perseverance she soon realised her destiny and reached her full potential by obtaining one of her Challenge Certificates, (CC's) at Crufts 1996.

Kiza likes nothing more than joining in with Harley on the hunt. Seeing these two 'work' together you can see how this ancient breed has lasted for so long.

Kiza and Ted, Crufts 96
Kiza and the Rabbit

Both of these 'top drawer' bitches have shown there worth be it in the show ring, breeding or coursing, (hunting), if you would like to see these and there sons and daughters then go to our Photo Gallery.

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