Photo Gallery

These photographs are of Harley and her offspring.
They will be updated from time to time. Enjoy!

This is Topper, (tri), who lives in California; he is Harley's first son in this photo he is 12 weeks old.

This is Harley Coursing a Hare, very tasty it was too.
Harley's Head
From Harley's 2nd litter we retained Widget, (Merkuri Haute Coture) now at 15 months, she loves lying on her favourite spot, Burt's shoulders. Widget's sisters are Blaze, (Merkuri Love Affair), Pam, (Merkuri Height o' Fashion), and her brothers are Jasper and Hooli.

This is Blaze, (and Ted), Widgets sister who went to Germany, then on with her owners to the US of A to be shown.

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